Ragdoll Information

Ragdolls are beautiful, docile, large affectionate cats. They can continue to grow and mature up to three to four years old. Altered adult males may reach 15-20 lbs. Females weigh about 5 lbs. less.

Ragdolls have fur that is medium long and is soft and rabbit like. Ragdolls are pointed blue eyed cats. They generally have easy to care for coats and have non matting fur, but do require occasional brushing and grooming. Especially in the Fall and Spring when most shedding occurs.

Ragdolls have been described as having dog-like traits,  most like to follow you around the house from room to room. Some can even be taught to fetch. They all have their own unique personalities. Many enjoy being held and cuddled, and some just enjoy being near you. Ragdolls are suitable for most families as they are very patient with children and other family pets.

Ragdolls are non aggressive cats. They tend to not have “normal” hunting instincts or have a strong “fight or flight” response. For this reason they MUST be indoor cats only.